Complete test: The X-631 Wheel Aligner can be used to measure the most wheel alignment parameters, such as front wheel toe-in, front wheel camber, caster, Kingpin inclination, rear wheel toe-in, rear wheel camber, thrust angle, wheelbase difference, tread difference, axle offset, front wheel setback and rear wheel setback, etc.
* Complete databank: wheel alignment data of over 10,000 vehicle models is stored in the system. User can also add new data to the databank.
* Kingpin and camber adjustment real time display function.
* HELP information for vehicle adjustment.
* Language operating prompt function.
* Emergency power supply and in-time charging function.
* The probe rods provide LCD display function.
* Electronic level function.
* Black box self-diagnosis function.
* Front and rear probe rods interchangeable.
* Special test for Mercedes-Benz and BMW vehicles.
* Infrared 8-beam and 16-sensor loop measurement, accurate and stable.
* Newly developed CCD signal processing technology, nearly uninfluenced by the strong sunlight.
* Complete system upgrading function.
* Unique voice prompt function and visualized animation, very easy to understand.
* Trustworthy operating system to give more convenient and safe operations.
* Keyboard quick switch operation.
* Both special version and common version are provided for user to select.
* Both normal version and demonstration version are provided to make user's training more convenient and quick.
* Large capacity (4000mAh) Lithium battery with low power consumption and dormancy mode of design.
* Camber, toe-in, battery electricity quantity, charging status and electronic level, etc. can be real-time displayed by LCD.
* In-block type of casting Aluminum alloy probe rods can strongly guarantee the stability and the test precision of the product.



  • 20° Cameras
  • up to6 m wheel base
  • 8-toe sensor
  • fast data transfer via radio
  • Easy handling
  • Unbeatable Price
  • 2 years warranty

Sensor heads:

  • 20 degree CCD Camers
  • finest aluminium casting frame, super finished
  • Brilliant LCD display
  • Smart keys
  • The aligner can be used from every single measurement head
  • Water proof

Measurement programs: (Options)

  • Standard
  • Fast
  • Additional

Special Routines:

  • Low-rider vehicles
  • Lifted position adjustment (toe-, camber- and caster-values) for front and rear axle

Special functions:

  • Zoom function
  • 4- or 2-heads measuring
  • for toe and camber values
  • 3 Program Level: Standard - Expert - Educate

Target data:

  • X-Large car database
  • Adjustment pictures
  • Customer database
  • simple data download

Overview about:

  • Vehicle manufacturer
  • Vehicle types
  • Year of manufacture
  • Specifications based on vehicle types

Universal clamp: 

3 different clamps available:

  • Standard for steel rims
  • Aluminium for easy accessibly rims 
  • Minimized for little space between tyre and rim

Aluminum Rim Kit (optional):

  • Plastic protector for standard bolt
  • Tyre claw

Mobile cabinet (optional):

  • Robust construction
  • Fits to Tower- or Kektop PC
  • Sufficient desktop
  • Drawer for keyboard is protected against dust
  • Drawer for printer is protected against dust
  • Easy moving through the workshop because of 120 mm wheels
  • Easy access for service

Placement platform for probe rods and wheel clamps (optional):

  • For left and right side of your lift
  • Thereby sensor heads and clamps are next to the tyres 
  • Box provides more space on both sides of the cabinet

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sifra: X-631 Wheel Alighner