- Fast and Easy operation with Touch Screen.
- Comprehensive display through color LCD.
- User friendly interface designed.
- Advanced diagnostic function.
- Powerful Flight record function.
- Full connectity with PC.
- Real time S/W management.

DTC Analysis
   - Check DTC and related information confirmed by communication with vehicle.
S/W management
   - Resetting Adaptive Values : Initializing the teaching value in ECU.
   - Version configuration : setting the option such as ABS and TCS configured in ECU.
Data Analysis
   - Monitor "Current Data" and related information.
ECU upgarde
   - Automatic event selection by the vehicle.
   - Related information support according to the proceedure.
Dual screen
   - Easy comparing between Current Data and Data base.




P/Name: AC/DC Adapter

P/No: GHDM-260001

G-scan module comprises of the main module for vehicle communication and the option pack (Battery pack, TPMS pack).

P/Name: Stylus Pen

P/No: G1PDDMK020

Operating touch screen of G-scan. When using the touch screen, use this stylus pen only.

P/Name: String - Stylus

P/No: G1PDDMN003

A spring type string for preventing the stylus pen from being lost.

P/Name: Hand Strap

P/No: G1PDDMN002

Preventing damages by falling during using the G-scan.

P/Name: User’s Manual

P/No: G1PHTZN101

Describing the basic information for operating of  G-scan.

P/Name: CD (S/W)

P/No: G1PHTDP001

CD includes the PC utility program.
The PC utility supports the G-scan update and the G-scan system recovery.

P/Name: Carrying Case

P/No: G1PDDHA001

Preserving G-scan main module and components.
For preventing from being damaged and lost, G-scan should be stored in this case after using.

P/Name: AC/DC Adapter

P/No: GHDM-260001

Basic Components

Adapter for supplying power to the G-scan main module from AC power.

P/Name: AC Power Cable

P/No: GHDM-273000

Cable for AC/DC adapter

The socket plug for AC power cable can be different dependent on each country. Please purchase the right plug if it doesn’t match with your country’s electrics specification.

P/Name: Cable-Cigar

P/No: G1PDDCA002

Supplying external power to the G-scan using cigarette lighter terminal.

P/Name: Cable-Battery

P/No: GSTA-37210A

Connecting the Cable – Cigar (P/No: G1PDDCA002) to the battery terminals.

P/Name: CABLE-mini USB

P/No: G1PDDCA003

Cable for communication between G-scan and PC


P/No: G1PDDCA001

DLC main cable for communication between G-scan module and (16 pin) OBD-II diagnosis connector on vehicle.

P/Name: Adap.(16-20R)

P/No: GHDM-244000

DLC Adapter cable [16pin to 20pin(R)] for B101:B130

20pin (R) connector is GRAY in color.

P/Name: Adap. (Self Test Jig)

P/No: GHDM-24D000

This self-test adapter is used for self-diagnosis functions that are described in a separate chapter. Do not use this adapter except for its specified purposes. For more information about self-diagnosis, see chapter (Module: A-02-006) Self-test adapter.

P/Name: Adap. (16-12)

P/No: GHDM-245000

This adapter is connected between Main DLC cable(P/No: G1PDDCA001) on the G-scan module and 12pin diagnosis connecter on some vehicles.

P/Name: Adap. (10-8-2)

P/No: GHDM-247000

DLC adapter cable for reprogramming and setting Remote Keyless Entry(RKE). 3 different connectors each(10, 8 and 2pins) compose the other side of this 16pins diagnosis connector. This adapter is used with the main DLC cable(P/No: G1PDDCA001) , while connected to the G-scan module.

P/Name: G-scan TPMS Pack

P/No: G1PDDMN009

TPMS module and rechargeable battery are embedded.

 (Optional Item)

P/Name: G-scan Battery Pack

P/No: G1PDDMN010

Rechargeable battery is embedded.

Battery P/No: G1TDDMN002


Item Specifications Remarks


- ARM9(400MHz )


External memory

- 2GB (up to 4GB)


Operating Voltage

- 7~35VDC


Operating Temp

- Battery Charging :0℃~45℃(32~113)
- Battery Discharging or without Battery : 0℃



- 5.6″ TFT Analog LCD (480 × 234 pixel)


Input Devices

- Touch Screen    5.6“
- Power Key, Enter Key, ESC Key, Arrow 4 Keys


Size & Weight

- 194×129×59 mm, 900g with battery & TPMS



- PC + ABS & TPE Shroud



PC Interface

- USB Host, USB slave (USB 1.1)



- ISO – 11898, ISO - 11519



- ISO-9141, ISO-9141-CARB, KWP-2000



- SAE-J1708, RS-232C


Data/Control Line

- Melco Pull-Down UART


Flight Record



Vehicle Speed





- Li-ion Polymer 2100mAh 1 Cell



- LF: 125Mhz    RF:  315Mhz or  433Mhz


- Protocol :TRW (ASK, FSK),  LEAR (FSK),Simens (FSK)




Pokrivenost Vozila (pruzmite i vidite koje marke vozila uređaj radi i koje sve sisteme)



cena: 2860 €
sifra: G-Scan